When care provider The HomeAides came to us with the idea of die cut printing mobile phone custom shape flyers, we were excited to take on this new and interesting project. Die cutting in printing can produce some truly unique creations and The HomeAides phone-shaped flyers are no exception!

We spoke with marketing and brand manager Anthony Rodriguez about his experience working with Aura Print’s die cutting service to create this project for The HomeAides new marketing campaign.

Who are The HomeAides?

The HomeAides is a family-owned homecarer and companion agency providing non-medical caregiver services to both families and community partners across Connecticut and Massachusetts. They specialize in 24-hour live-in and hourly care, through support and safety with assistance of activities of daily living.

What was the approach of this campaign?

During the pandemic, seniors and aging adults were challenged with having access to services in a safe setting, and families were faced with added financial implications. We realized we wanted to find a way to lend additional support during a time when it was increasingly becoming even more needed. In the midst of Covid-19, we created a new incentive program called “Complimentary 24 Hours of Caregiver Assistance”, where families starting services with The HomeAides would essentially receive a free day of care.

As circumstances continue to improve and we regained our ability to visit our clients and families in hospitals, skilled rehabilitation facilities and assisted living communities again, we realized it would be the perfect time to create and share some fresh new materials to properly roll out the program. We also decided to expand the program from a one-time incentive at the start of care, to an ongoing recurring monthly program, helping families save even more money on private in-home care services.

This initiative serves as another extension of our mission and consistent efforts to make home care and caregiver services as affordable and accessible as possible to families in our local communities. Now that we’ve created these custom shape flyers, we’re going to be rolling out this campaign in a variety of different ways to educate our referral partners and families looking for services and to share the exciting news!

What gave you the idea to use a phone shape for your print marketing?

After revisiting the program and incorporating the new recurring monthly incentive component for our valued clients, we needed to create something that we could share to convey the program and it’s benefits in a way that is unique, easily distributable, and interesting to encourage the call to action.

The process of finding care services often starts with research and a direct phone call to local home care providers, like The HomeAides, which is what inspired the modern phone-shaped design of the concept of this piece. With this in mind, we felt the phone-shaped concept was the best way to inspire families to call The HomeAides, whilst also conveying all the information that needed to be highlighted.

After some initial brainstorming, various stages and sessions of design concepts, and coordinating the entire scope of the print project details with Aura Print, we were able to produce the custom die cut printing materials.

Phone shaped folded flyers

Have you ever tried using die cut printing before?

While we’re familiar and experienced with the die cutting process from past projects and experiences, this was our first die cut printing project with Aura Print and we couldn’t be more excited with the results! Having the liberty to create something unique to distinguish your materials from standard options really elevates not only the quality of the material itself, but also the effect and experience that the person on the receiving end has with the item and ultimately your company/brand.

We started the process by sharing the idea for the phone-shaped print piece with Aura Print. Shortly after, your team followed up to capture more information about the vision for the materials and worked to identify solutions to bring our concept to life.

Aura Print’s team worked diligently to get everything in motion for us. From generating the order, to a thorough proof review stage, and speedy shipping, the entire process was seamless, with consistent communication and excellent customer service along the way.

Are there any other shapes you think you might give a go?

There are several other exciting print marketing projects we’re hoping to visit in the near future. Some are related to branding needs, some to compliment and to work in conjunction with both a new website later this year and other upcoming digital marketing initiatives on the horizon.

With all the positive responses we’ve continued to receive with our new and updated branded print materials over the last year since undergoing our company rebrand and establishing a printing partnership with Aura Print, we’re also reordering business cards, custom print projects, pamphlets, and various other items pretty frequently. We are looking forward to continuing with the team at Aura Print for our future needs.

How have both your new print materials and working with Aura Print benefitted your print marketing strategies?

Last year – shortly after joining the team – we spent some time internally evaluating and putting together a plan to elevate and enhance The HomeAides’ branding. Everything from enhancing our various logo formats and brand identity assets, to livening up our color palette and other elements that would add more depth to our marketing and print materials.

After leading a thorough rebrand, the focus then became how best to translate our new branding to our various physical and digital mediums. That process included vetting print partners and identifying paper stocks and finishes that would best illustrate an enhanced new look and feel. We wanted all our items to convey a sense of quality, trust and warmth in ways that would differentiate us and our materials from competing agencies.

We found that Aura Print’s premium printing capabilities, affordable solutions, convenient ordering process and fast shipping have made them stand out as a go-to print solutions partner for our company.

Feeling inspired for your own die cut printing?

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