Metallic Foil Playing Card Box Printing

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  • Profesionally die-cut playing card boxes with foil highlights
  • Perfect to accompany your foil playing cards and tarot cards
  • If you need help knowing the size of your box, get in touch

Our metallic foil playing card box printing is the perfect accompanying product for your custom playing cards. With various sizes available, we can print your foil playing card boxes to match your cards, with the same spectacular foil highlights too, only adding to their luxuriousness. With the freedom to create any foil playing card box shape you can think of, the result is the ultimate custom package with an irresistible metallic shine. Together with your foil playing cards, they'll become the perfect promotional item for your business, or even just to show off your custom artwork.

Metallic Playing Card Boxes

Take a look at the easy-to-use options below to create your bespoke foiled card box. Simply select a preset size, for example, a foil poker card box or metallic tarot card box, then get onto the exciting choice of hand-picked papers, luxurious paper-weights and fantastic finishing options such as laminates and creases. You can supply your own artwork to create your foil boxes, or work with our designers to create something entirely unique. With endless shaping options and our commitment to the highest quality on every print, we’ll gladly help you create your foil playing card packaging!