Printing Luggage Tags

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  • With over 40 hand-selected paper types to choose from, we have strong and sturdy options available for your personalised luggage tags.
  • Choose a unique, custom shape for your luggage tags or opt to use a pre-sized luggage tag template.
  • Professionally die-cut, our plastic luggage tag loops are perfect for custom luggage tags wholesale.

Whether you’re an airline operator, tour company manager, hotelier or just a keen globe-trotter, our personalised luggage tags are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to advertise your brand worldwide. From the check-in lounge through duty-free, to hanging out of the over-head carrier on a 12-hour flight and onto the bustling city streets of Tokyo or New York, your bold and vivid printed luggage tags will unquestionably be noticed.

While airline luggage tags and travel operator luggage tags are a great way to strap a bit of branding to thousands of jet-setting backpacks and suitcases, personalised luggage tags are crucial for aiding in luggage identification when tackling the likes of LAX or LHR.

Airport Luggage Tags That Survive the Transfers

Printable on over 40 specifically chosen paper types, custom luggage tags are die-cut to quickly strap onto any form of luggage for easy marketing and/or identification. Our paper types include the highly recommended Nevertear which, as you probably guessed, never tears (it’s waterproof too!). At Aura Print, we’re confident that your Nevertear-printed plastic luggage tag loops will survive the quick hands of the baggage handlers.

Printed using full-colour, no-run inks, we ensure that your plastic luggage tags will outlive the printed luggage tags of your competitors (unless, of course, they’re using Aura Print too… in which case you’ll both have the last tags standing!).

Your printed paper luggage tags will arrive with you pre-cut and ready to hit the skies, making them an ideal option for those looking to buy luggage tags in bulk.

Custom Printed Luggage Tags Designed for Fleeting Moments

When passing through busy airports and city streets, a bold and eye-catching design is all it takes to get noticed, if only for a moment.

Our friendly customer service team will work with you to ensure that we can meet all of your printing needs before handing you over to our skilled designers. From there, our studio team will either ensure that your design is print-ready or work from your brief to create a crowd-stopping design specifically for you.

Printed in unique shapes and sizes that suit your needs, customisation options for your personalised luggage tags are endless.

If you’re sold on our custom luggage tags, build yours by selecting your desired shape, size, paper and finishing options in order to receive an instant quote. Furthermore, if you’ve still got questions, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help iron out any concerns you may have.