Printing Plastic Plant Tags

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  • Printed on Nevertear material, our plastic plant tags are fully waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • Our full colour, no-run inks guarantee longevity for your planting tags.
  • Make plant care straightforward by adding custom plant tags to your planters.

Whether you own a plant nursery, are a keen plant-parent or simply need a reminder of how to care for that one fern that refuses to flourish, we know how important plant tags are for gardeners and horticulturalists alike.

There’s no denying the health benefits of being around indoor plants and spending time in the garden, but what about the health of your plants?

Name tags for plants will prevent you from ever confusing your Cupid Peperomia with your Silver Monstera while adding garden plant identification tags will be a nice reminder to ensure your Cinnamon Fern gets plenty of water while those tricky Hostas sit in their preferred semi-shaded spot.

We'll Take Care Of Your Plant Name Tags So You Can Take Care Of Your Plants

When questioning the absolute musts for printing your plant id tags, whether indoor or outdoor, we came up with a solution that will not be limited by the specific needs of your plants. Much like us humans, different plants live by different rules and, while some like it hot and humid, others like their shade and rain. At Aura Print, we guarantee that your plant pot name tags survive high humidity, water saturation, wind and tears.

How do we guarantee this? Well our full colour, no-run inks mean longevity for your print while our Nevertear material ensures that (you guessed it!), your outdoor plant tags will simply never tear. We also ensure that all our plant name tags come with a pre-cut creased spike, allowing them to slide into any soil type with ease.

Create Your Own Personalised Plant Tags

Set your brand apart with personalised plant tags that always weather the storm. We’ll help you set your brand apart with plastic plant tags that people respond to, from care information tags to ID tags, our designers are here to make sure your customers, much like your plants, receive the absolute best.

If you’ve got a design sat on your PC waiting for the perfect printers for your planting tags then great, simply configure your options below and our customer service team will be in touch shortly. Not sure whether your design is print perfect? Our designers will assist in ensuring that your personalised plant tags are good to go.

If you need a little help getting your design planter-perfect then not to worry, that’s what our team of experienced designers are here for. With pre-set die cut templates ready to go, we can customize our plant tags to fit your needs or, failing that, we’ll create something brand new that will have your plants jumping off the nursery shelf and into the arms of their new plant parents before they’ve even had chance to bud.

Pro tip: If learning along the way is your gardening style, it could be useful to consider a small 'notes' section for your planting tags. This will allow the user to jot down any handy bits of care information with a standard marker pen in a designated spot, adding that extra bit of convenience to your plant id tags.

Ready to order? Set-up your plant id tags below and we’ll have them printed in as little as 2 working days from proof approval – it’s as easy as keeping succulents alive.