Metallic Foil Bag Topper & Header Card Printing

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  • Perfect for luxurious sweets or coffee beans
  • Print with colour and over 10 metallic foil shades
  • Available in any size or shape you could imagine

Adorn your luxury sweet packets or freshly roasted coffee beans with a metallic foil bag topper or header card. Printed to perfection with your choice of colour print embellished with over 10 unique metallic foil shades. Give your products the best chance of catching your customers eyes with gold, silver, rose gold and more metallic foils.

With an amazing selection of sizes, paper types, thicknesses and finishes to set your brand apart, we’re the go-to printing company for thousands of clients all over the world who wish to make their products stand out with foiled bag toppers. Use the options below to get started on creating your foil header cards and if you're not sure on what options to pick, simply get in touch and we'll do all we can to help.