Wire Bound Booklet & Brochure Printing

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  • Wire bound books are the best choice for lots of pages
  • Strong flexible wire keeps all your pages together
  • Available in a wide range of different sizes

Our wire o bound book printing is the perfect choice if you’re looking to print a notebook, manual or a booklet with lots of pages. Wire o bound book printing also has the added benefit of staying open and laying flat on a specific page while you read thanks to its spiral spine. Wire o book binding produces very hard-wearing booklets making wire bound booklets ideal for technical documents, instructional manuals and even recipe books.

Wire O Bound Book Printing

If you're looking for wire bound book printing in the UK, then you're in safe hands with Aura Print. Not only do we offer professionally made wire o booklets, but we also have a fantastic range of paper types and customisation options so you can print your wire o bound booklet just the way you want. We're the only printer in the UK to offer you this amount of choice to create perfect wire bound books.

Use the options below to create your custom wire booklets and brochures, with your choice of paper type, print size and lamination – plus the option to select different papers for your cover and inner pages. Once you’ve customised your prints, simply add it to the basket and checkout easily. If you need any help in deciding what choices would work best with your design, simply get in touch.