The Foil Printing Co., our new dedicated foil website

“Where did you get those business cards??”

Business cards can be deeply personal. They reflect everything about you: your industry, your personality, your professionalism. Oftentimes, it’s the only clue people have about who you are and what you could do for them. Your business card should represent your brand, and service, in its concentrated form.

But when was the last time someone actually gave you a compliment on the look of your business card? How do you get business cards that actually win you more business?

In a word: foil. Metallic foil elevates your personal branding. It separates exceptional business cards from every other card in the pile – and gets you noticed first.

Why print your business cards with metallic foil?

You may not have the biggest company or marketing budget. (Heck, maybe it’s just you against the world.) But with promotional materials like business cards, it really is a level playing field – and a massive opportunity to delight your customers, putting more attention on your brand.

With new printing technologies and falling costs, there’s a whole host of dazzling design features that could win more attention for your business – like foil-printed gold, rose gold and metallic tones, all printed on high-end card stock, and supplied in multiple colours and luxurious textured finishes.

All of which proves to your customers that you care about them – because you want to give them the very best experience from the start.

What’s so special about metallic foil print?

Foiled business cards are in a league of their own. They use design elements that other cards just can’t compete with, like velvety matt laminate and metallic print that reflects the light – which actively attracts people’s attention.

There’s even evidence to suggest that shiny surfaces (like gold and silver printing foil) attract us on a primal level, tapping deep into a survival instinct that draws us to the reflective appearance of fresh water sources.

But psychology aside, gold and silver tones are really just pleasing to look at. The metallic shine that’s achievable with foil printing simply attracts the eye more effectively – adding impact to your printed materials for your future customers.

So, when did we start printing in foil?

At its heart, we created Aura Print to be a business that complements other businesses. We’re hugely proud of what we print, and for us nothing is more personal than our customers’ business cards.

That’s why we invest so much time and effort into creating our business cards, expanding our range constantly – and making sure we offer what our customers want.

Back in August of 2017 we saw a growing number of requests for metallic foiled business cards. At the time we were near-oblivious to just how popular this could be. But this was the start of something big. Taking more and more calls about foil print, we decided it was time to upgrade our laminating machinery to enable us to print it in-house.

Looking back, our pricing wasn’t as competitive as it could’ve been. But, gradually, we began to see repeat orders. And once we realised we had something special – the ability to hot-press foil in-house – then things really took off.

The birth of The Foil Printing Co.

Since Aura Print began foiling in-house, initially with the choice of just silver or gold foil print, the orders for foiled flyers, menus and wedding invitations came in slowly but surely. Over twelve months we began adding more foiled colours and paper choices, and eventually came to the conclusion that the only limitation was our website and the UK market.

So, with an initial investment, we branched out with a sister brand: one dedicated to getting the best results using digital foil print – and to sell in the USA.

The result is our new website, The Foil Printing Co., created to reflect the handmade aesthetic of historic foil printing presses and traditional printing methods – with the added twist of our modern, high-speed digital foiling process.

In our first week we took four orders for the United States alone. Three months later we were taking up to sixty orders every week, with several new products in development and our foil-printing hardware running non-stop. Now we offer a choice of over ten metallic colours, printed in ultra high-quality on a variety of card stocks and finishes.

Creating our new website with you in mind, we’ve made it easier than ever to order luxury foil-printed flyers, vouchers, stickers, menus, product tags and more thanks to larger product imagery, a streamlined checkout and our brand-new sample pack, showing just what we can create for you. With ever more bespoke requests from our customers, we’re also looking into a full range of metallic foil wedding stationery to expand our choice of foil-printed products even further.

Visit our new site!

For all these foil print options and many more, take a look at The Foil Printing Co. website here. It’s where we specialise in exceptional foil-printed products, ordered online and delivered around the world, with first-class customer service all the way.

To unlock the potential of your business, it really could be as simple as upgrading your business cards and marketing materials to attention-grabbing foil print. When you start to increase attention on your business, you start to increase the number of people who’ll actually call you. And when more people start to call you, more people will start to buy from you too.

Take a look at The Foil Printing Co. to find out what our products could do for your business – and even order a sample pack, to see the quality of our work for yourself. Click here if you'd like to know more!