Metallic foil Christmas cards

Considering metallic foil Christmas cards?

According to the greeting card association, the UK public spent an eye-watering £1.7 billion on greeting cards in 2017. Of those, it is estimated that 100 million single Christmas cards and a further 900 million cards were sold in packs over the festive season. That’s a lot of cards!

Why do we still send so many Christmas cards each year?

In this highly digital age, it’s a wonder that people still take the time to send something printed; whether that’s personally or from a business perspective. Yet we still do, year in and year out. Simply put, it’s a lovely personal thing to do, showing people you are thinking of them. As more and more things move to email and social media, it's also a thoughtful nostalgic throwback to perhaps less manic times.

Metallic foil Christmas cards for businesses

Christmas is the perfect time to show your customers how much you appreciate them and value their custom. Metallic foil greeting cards look impressive and reflect your company’s investment in your image and products. Most people will open a Christmas card, as opposed to mail perceived as junk, which is often left unopened.

Sending a corporate Christmas card gives you the opportunity to include your brand or logo, which is the ideal opportunity to use foil printing. It’s the perfect chance to remind your client that you are there, and studies tend to agree that it can also lead to putting you first and foremost when people return back to work in January.

What message to write in a corporate foil Christmas card

First and foremost you need to ensure that the message inside is professional. Perhaps thank the client for their business in the last year. You may also want to wish them success for the forthcoming year, as is tradition.

You may also consider a personal message depending on how well you know them, showing that you have thought of them and offering that individual touch. People remember things like this and it can definitely keep your business at the forefront of people's mind.

Sending metallic foil Christmas cards to family and friends

Metallic foil Christmas cards are a great choice for family and friends too. You may choose to add images of family, pets or maybe a collage of photos from the year gone by. Personalised Christmas cards like this are becoming more popular every year. A drawing that your child has made dressed up along with foil highlights can be a lovely memento too. Cards like this can be a nice keepsake and allow people to send memories in a fun and imaginative way. Better yet adding foil to these cards makes them even more likely to be kept and treasured.

Why metallic foil?

High quality metallic cards are a luxurious choice, offering the wow factor on everything from personalised cards to wedding stationery and business cards. There is a lovely shimmer to metallic foil, which has a Christmas appeal to it. Foil snowflakes in a white foil can look very effective and classic red and gold always reminds people of the holiday season. It adds more depth, quality and really shows how much you care. Gold, silver and rose gold are perhaps our most popular choices, but we also print bright metallic tones in red, blue, green, pink and copper - giving you endless choices and variations if you'd like to create different types of foil Christmas cards, or even full Christmas Card packs.

Don't forget the envelopes!

Sending a foil Christmas card just wouldn't be right if it wasn't accompanied by a top quality envelope. Thankfully we have you covered here too as we offer hundreds of different coloured envelopes to match all of your festive themes. We even offer oversized envelopes in case you tend to go overboard at Christmas.

Ordering metallic foil greeting cards

It's easy to order your cards, just follow the product link to the right (or at the bottom on mobile), we offer design as well, so if you’re short on time it’s not a problem and we can whip up a festive card in only a few hours' time!

If you happen to have any questions about artwork requirements or our hot foil printing process, just get in touch. We'd love to help you create whatever you need in foil print, whether it's a wedding invitation, marketing materials or Christmas card packs.

And from everyone here at Aura Print – Merry Christmas!