Menu Boards, Signs And Banners Reduce Covid Risks

Menu boards in takeaways and coffee shops help customers to stay in the queue and remain socially distant. Displaying printed menu signs will help customers to choose what they want, while they are waiting to be served.

Our custom menu signs printing service includes posters, boards, signage and banners. They keep customers safe and 2 metres apart, even in the lunchtime rush hour.

Read on to see how menu boards reduce covid risks and why your takeaway should use outdoor banners too.

We also print wipeable menus for coffee shop and restaurant owners, but that’s in a separate blog. If you are planning to resume serving food inside, read our article Waterproof Flyers Wipe Clean For Covid Safety.



Food Guidelines For Cafes And Takeaways During Covid

The government covid guidelines for food businesses state that you should limit the amount of people allowed into your shop. At peak times, this means your customers will be queueing outside because of the covid-19 pandemic. Our social distancing floor stickers and menu signs printing service can be used as part of your covid management systems. 


social distancing queue outside restaurant  

Types Of Menu Boards And Displays

Using custom menu signs help you to manage your queue efficiently, while also reducing covid risks. Plus it shortens the wait time for your hungry customers!

We have a large selection of menu signs that will encourage your customers to maintain social distancing measures. Let’s look at the various types of menu boards, posters, banners and window stickers to help you clearly display allergy information and prices.



Foam Menu Board Printing For Indoor Use

Custom menu boards can be any size or shape you like. Large text is recommended so that the prices and allergy information is easy to read from a distance. We have three types of foam which can be printed in full colour on one side or double sided.

Foam PVC Menu Displays

Foam boards sometimes referred to as Foamex panels have a beautiful smooth finish. Ideal for menu boards that also show off your branding with images of food to entice people to enter your shop.  They are often chosen for indoor displays where appearance is important, such as exhibition and tradeshow stands.

You can attach them on the inside of your windows, but unlike window stickers, they would block the sunlight. Like all our banners and signs, we print these with scratch resistant inks.



Lightweight Foam PVC Menu Boards

Lightweight foam boards are lighter than our standard versions. This makes installation easier especially if you are installing them up high or in a small space on your own.


Soft Centred Foam Menus

Soft centred foam menu boards have more flexibility, so they are perfect for attaching to curved walls and the sides of counters.


corrugated plastic panel

Corrugated Plastic Menus Are The Most Lightweight Option

Menu boards printed onto corrugated plastic (also known as Correx) are very light and suitable for temporary outdoor use. This material has hollow sections on the inside to make it the most lightweight menu board option. The lightweight material makes them easy to install with double sided sticky tape. They are also a great choice for printing double sided signs which can be installed or hung with zip ties. You can also drill holes in them to screw them to a wall outside.

Corrugated plastic menu boards are a popular choice because they are easily attached to walls using double sided tape because they are super lightweight. They are easy to sanitize and like all of our banners and signs, they are resistant to UV damage. The only disadvantage of this material is that you can see the slight ridges in the material when you look closely.

Unlike foam boards, corrugated plastic menus can be used for temporary outdoor signage. These menu signs are available with a gloss or matt laminate finish. For menu board printing, we recommend a matt finish which is much easier to read because it doesn’t reflect the light.



Aluminium Menu Signs Printing

Custom aluminium menu boards are strong but still light weight. They are perfect for your shop’s front façade if you want to give a high quality impression to new customers or people nearby. Our 3mm aluminium board printing is available in full colour to grab the attention of people walking past.


large poster menu for chicken shop

Large Poster Menus

Paper menus are ideal if your food options change regularly. Paper posters can be attached to the wall with blue tack. Alternatively, they can be put into a frame and displayed on the wall like the printed poster example above that we made for Marsdens Chicken in Huddersfield. 



window sticker advertising food

Window Stickers

Window stickers that display your food offers can entice customers or potential buyers to try something new. Photos of food is often a great idea for a window display to attract people walking by to come inside and buy something.


one way vision film

One Way Vision Film Window Stickers

We can print one way vision film so you can advertise your food to your customers outside without shutting the light out.

We also offer cut coloured vinyl sticker printing for fancy window graphics. They can be readable from both sides too.


static cling window sticker

Static Cling Window Menus

If you have temporary food offers or messages that you want to communicate on your window, we recommend static cling sticker printing. It is a popular way to advertise new seasonal menus. Its also a temporarily way to advertise your reopening hours or new food delivery service. The static properties make these menus naturally easy to attach to the window. They can be re-positioned without losing stick. They don’t mark the window or leave any residue when they are removed.


Free Standing Counter Display Boards

We offer wipeable foam strut card printing to display messages to your customers at the counter. This could be a simple short message such as ‘thank you for shopping small and supporting our business’.


outdoor banner menu  

Outdoor Banner Menus

Outdoor banner menus let customers browse your food choices while queuing to enter your shop. We made this printed banner menu above for our local takeaway to install in their carpark. It helps them to manage their queue more effeciently to reduce wait times. It has also helped them to ensure everyone keeps their distance. 

If your takeaway doesn’t have a car park, you can easily attach a banner on the exterior of your building. We offer a wide range of finishes such as hems and eyelets. We also have a choice of fixings. If you have some land in front of your shop, you could hammer posts into the ground.

This allows you to install a free-standing banner by selecting ‘banner with pole pockets’ on our website. The best material for windy locations is our mesh pvc which has tiny holes to make the fabric wind resistant. Our bungee ties offer more flexibility to take the strain of the wind loads. See our guide ‘the best material for outdoor banners


graphic designers making mood board 

We Can Design Your Custom Menu Boards

If you would like to revamp your branding or just want a new menu designing, our graphic designers are here to help. Just click ‘supply brief and we design’ when you place your order online. We can also design promotional materials such as logo stickers for packaging such as takeout bags to advertise your business and coffee shop stickers to enhance your branding. 

We hope you found this guide useful for helping your customers to form an orderly queue and keep a safe distance. For further information about keeping your staff and customers safe, please see this guide from the government: Working Safely During Covid