Big vinyl banners, bigger office furniture and biggerer JCBs

…Phew! We’ve done it!

After a long few days of boxing, taping, hauling, grunting, cleaning, van-hiring and generally lugging printer materials through warehouse space on pallet trucks, we’re finally all moved into our new office. Exciting times!

We’re now the proud owners of Floor 2 of Turnbridge Mills, on Quay Street in Huddersfield. It’s a massive space for our ever-expanding team, (plus all our foiling machines and banner printing tables), and the entire Aura Print crew have put in some serious graft over the past few days to make it happen. (Well done everyone!)

Being a printing company, there were more than a few heavy-duty items for us to move and reassemble – ranging from modular flyer printing hardware and office desks to wooden cutting tables, and pretty much every computing item you can think of. Technicians, electricians and even our directors’ families were all hard at work getting everything transported, spruced up and plugged in on the other side.

But one of our toughest tasks was moving the giant wide-format printers into our new second-floor office. The warehouse lift wouldn’t fit them in, and surprisingly Chris didn’t much fancy inching them up the stairs.

…But a handy JCB-for-hire seemed to do the trick.

Job done!

Next came the usual delivery trucks, shipping the printing materials we get through every day of the week. And they seemed to come all at once!

First up we had half a dozen new rolls of our blank vinyl banners to carry in. They were each as long as a rolled carpet, and definitely two- or three-man jobs to get them into the office lift. (Along with countless boxes of card, paper, foil printing rolls, Correx boards, aluminium sign boards and active jobs for our clients, plus all our office furniture and printing materials).

In between several more trips for director Liam with our removal van, (and during which time the heavens well and truly opened), we also had pallet-loads of paper printing stock being delivered. All that heavy lifting was capped off with a tricky cherry on top – namely a dozen new giant panes of hardened glass, designed to cover our new extended vinyl banner cutting tables!

…Only problem was, these extended cutting tables were still works-in-progress for our resident DIY experts – who were busy doing everything else too!

But where there’s a will, (and an Aura Print crew), there’s a way. Everything got moved into the new office sharpish, with not a shelf dropped or a pane of glass chipped along the way.

There weren’t even any car chases in progress, which everyone knows are the mortal enemy of people carrying giant panes of glass.

So between vast stacks of paper types and PVC banners, mounds of cellophane wrapping, pallet-loads of paper stock and ever-filling dumpsters on our busy print floor, the new office was gradually taking shape.

Brews were sipped. A5 flyers were printed. Calls were taken, and computers connected up. Butties and pizzas were nommed, and fried breakfasts too.

…And here we are in the aftermath, with the whole crew working hard as ever, and our printers churning out the jobs as usual. There’s a little catching up to do for our days spent moving equipment, but we’re also welcoming more people to our print team to make up for it!

Here at Aura Print, nothing stays on the back burner for long – especially now that we have our new supersized office, with more incoming print jobs than ever!

With an expanded team we’re producing more folded flyers, vinyl banners and business card printing jobs than we’ve ever seen before. We’ve always been committed to producing quality prints above all else, and now we’re really starting to see the word get out there about the results we achieve for our customers.

So – what can we print for you? Just get in touch via our contact page, or check out our full range of print options here on our product pages.

We’d love to help you achieve perfect results for your printing job. Just ask!