We Moved To A Larger Premises

It's official: we're moving home! Aura Print will soon be moving its entire business from Leeds Road to Turnbridge Mills in Huddersfield.

When do we move in?

With the walls decorated, the phones connected and every last desk huffed and heaved through the doorways, we’ll be upping sticks to our new place on Friday 7th June, 2019.

Our phone number, email addresses and open hours will all stay the same, but our old office on Leeds Road will be closed up and empty by then – so it’s well worth making a note of our new address below:

Aura Print (UK) Ltd
Floor 2
Turnbridge Mills
Quay Street

Our big move to Quay Street wouldn’t be possible without all of you, our brilliant customers. So we’ll say it again, to every one of you – thank you!

Thinking about it now, it's been one heck of a journey to get where we are today! Let's take a little look back at how it all started...

Flashback time…

Huddersfield’s local printers began in 2007 as a one-man operation, initially providing business cards and flyer printing services for local businesses and SMEs.

As the number of orders increased, so too did the demand for more high quality products – including vinyl banners, wedding invitations and leaflet printing, ranging up to printed car wraps and new signage for the John Smith’s Stadium nearby.

Over a couple of years we’d grown to a small team; a handful of experienced print experts, working non-stop just to keep up with the orders. With the addition of folded flyers, and tools to enable online designs through our website (along with our growing range of paper types, including recycled papers) our stuff was selling like printed pictures of hotcakes.

Soon afterwards, Aura expanded further into leaflet printing and business card design on a larger scale – and won another major client, with a leaflet printing contract for the NHS. We moved from a small dedicated premises to a twin industrial unit on Leeds Road, expanding our team (and our printing hardware) to add even more products to the range – including custom-printed wallpaper, roller banners, window stickers and poster printing services for customers (and trade clients) across the UK.

Despite a tough market, and competition from massive print companies overseas, last year we saw a spectacular jump of 36% in our turnover. There isn’t any great secret to it; our team’s simply committed to giving outstanding customer service on the very latest products in print.

Unswingable cats

These days we’re printing thousands of products, with jobs ranging from menus and trade show stands to stickers, letterheads and Correx signs – along with high-definition printing on windproof mesh banner material, and durable banner PVC. We even specialise in metallic foil printing for stickers, business cards and everything in between.

We’re now a team of sixteen, shipping our print products across the UK, Europe and all over the world – with our sights set firmly on exporting more and more print to the United States.

With so many stacks of printables hot off the press each day, ready and waiting to be shipped all over the globe… why, there’s hardly room to make a brew in here any more. And that simply will not do. Even if you wanted to push a cat on a swing in here, and in the unlikely event that the cat agreed to it, you couldn’t. You just couldn’t. We’re talking about limited space here, people.

Double busy

For Aura to grow any further, we need to move offices. Producing flyers, PVC banners and business cards all day every day, it takes a full team spanning design, production, finishing, customer service and marketing to keep things running smoothly, and those packages flying out of the doors to our happy customers.

(And speaking of our happy customers, we’re very lucky to say that business is booming because of you – so thank you!)

In the words of Micky Flanagan, we’re double busy. We needed a bigger office, and we needed it fast. So, we did what Micky Flanagan would do. We had a little look about.

Move your (corporate) body

By early 2019, the search for our new office had begun.

Ancient maps were unfurled. Strategies were strategised, and cunning plans were planned. (Cunningly.) Our scouting parties ventured across the misted realm of Huddersfield, searching through long cold nights for our new stronghold. The words of our house echoed through the land: Printer Is Coming. Our ravens took flight, carrying word of our property hunt far and wide.

…Actually, we found the new place pretty quick. It’s Floor 2 of Turnbridge Mill on Quay Street, practically around the corner from our old office. Deliciously close to Sainsbury’s too.

And, being a mill and everything, our new office space is huge. (As in, echo echo echo levels of huge.) There’s 7,000 square feet of it. In fact, there’s so much space that we’ll need to buy lots of shiny new printers just to fill it all up… almost like that was planned all along.

Since we signed on the dotted line, members of our team have been hard at work revamping our new premises – transforming an empty pillared space into walled offices, meeting rooms and dedicated printing bays:

We’re putting new systems in place too, along with planned investment for more hardware, to help us do what we do best.

And all of that means more printing options for you – with even more products in development, and faster turnarounds on everything you order from us. Essentially, we’re moving offices so we can keep getting better, and faster, at what we print for you.

So whatever you need to put into print, we're always happy to help – whether you have your own design set up and ready to create prints on a superfast turnaround, or if you're looking for a bespoke design with plenty of print expertise to get you the best results. Whatever you need, just get in touch – we'd love to bring your ideas to life!

And you can click here for part two of this article, once the cat swing’s been assembled and we’re all moved in!

Featured image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons: https://commons. wikimedia.org/wiki/File: Huddersfield_Broad_Canal_-_Turnbridge_Mills_(18582891236).jpg