Business Cards (AP-UK)

  1. What Size Is A Business Card?

    Wondering what size should a business card be?
  2. Amazing Business Card Finishes For Luxury Branding

    See our best business card finishes and luxury paper types.
  3. Laminated Business Cards : The Different Types And Benefits

    There are three types of laminated business cards. Discover how laminates protect while improving the look of your business card.
  4. What Should I Have On My Business Card?

    Too much content can make a business card design look cluttered. Read on to discover what you should include on your cards.
  5. Pearlescent Paper For Invites And Business Cards

    Introducing our new range of pearlescent paper to give your invites, business cards and flyers that extra bit of shimmer.
  6. How Kraft Paper Is Made

    What are kraft and recycled papers, and how are they made? Read on to discover what they are and what they are used for.
  7. Different Types Of Printing Paper

    There are so many types and weights of printing paper that things can soon get confusing! In this quick guide we'll take you through all the major paper stock types, and their best uses in print.
  8. Business Card Statistics You Didn’t Even Know About!

    How do your prospects actually engage with business cards? And what can you do to increase that engagement? Read on for some helpful statistics and handy tips!
  9. Printing: What Is Bleed?

    Bleed describes the area of a design that is printed beyond a page's finished edges. Learn all about print bleed in our handy guide.